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We cater various types of enterprise solution for many industry such as manufacturing, service, warehouse and logistic, retails and etc. We continue seeking every possibility to simplify your business routine and automate updates of activities to the Enterprise Resource Planning system to reduce manual effort and save paper.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Specialising in Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and Enterprise Mobility Solutions.
MSC Consulting helps companies gain competitive advantages by eliminating duplications and creating synergies through the use of strategic solutions.
This has proven to empower companies and enterprises with the robustness to better anticipate and respond to market.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) is a single integrated system used by organization to manage their business functions under one centralized hub. It unifies disparate applications to make it easier for users to access data and keep track of their daily operations. There’s no need to merge information from various system as all information are shared through a all in one single system.

Lack of proper communications and fragmented system can drain organization’s time and money. With an ERP system, organization can automate manual process and reduce chances of human error to achieve operational efficiency. Not only does it streamline your internal process, it enhances data security, reduce operations and overhead cost and allows better accounting and financial reporting.

Have a better overview of your business at your fingertips through our cloud ERP solutions.

Why MSC Consulting

A Singapore based IT Consulting Company with Regional Experience

We specialize in implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Enterprise Mobility Solutions with more than 25 years of market experience

Domain Expertise

We have successfully helped more than 300 customers across the different industries of FMCG, food manufacturing, construction, precision engineering and distribution in their Digital Transformation Journey with our specialized industry-specific vertical solutions

Technology and Innovation Centre for Mobility Solution

We develop Enterprise Mobile Applications with our patented mobile technology, eMOBIQ® used in automating and streamlining business operating models to achieve high scalability and rapid growth

Strong Commitment and Implementation

We are strongly committed to deliver technology solutions and implement digital transformation business initiatives to meet customers’ industry-specific needs

Streamline Process

Improve efficiency and gain real-time visibility into inventory, sales, purchasing and financial data.

Easy To Use

Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers solutions that are easy to use, so they are readily adopted across your organization.

Fast and Efficient

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, a streamlined
deployment methodology, improves the speed and quality of your implementation.


We faced issues with production order delays, large amounts of duplication & reconciliation work, and lack of intensive manpower for operations. MSC Consulting’s Integrated Cloud Solution of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Van Sales App helped resolve our problems by transforming our business digitally.

Order processing sped up with reduced paperwork and a 40% reduction of invoicing costs! Now we have real-time visibility of our sales process and administrative efficiency. We even saw a jump of 30% in orders and an overall improved seamless customer experience.

Leading Dim Sum Manufacturer

In our business, our customers’ journeys are of utmost importance, and we were struggling with the manual order process and overselling of products which lead to loss of sales on many occasions. We didn’t have a real-time inventory system so we couldn’t see what was happening in our inventory backend. Our old ERP system needed manual data synchronization which was too time consuming and inaccurate. We are thankful to MSC Consulting (S) Pte Ltd for creating an End-To-End Solution of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central together with Field Sales App and Self-Ordering App for our business that can even continue running in an offline environment.

This improved our operation efficiency by leaps and bounds. Our order processing is now 90% faster, we can see our real-time inventory, and product overselling no longer occurs! We’ve achieved about 30% savings in manpower costs and our customers can now place orders on their own with the Self-Ordering App. Thank you MSC Consulting!

Leading Coffee Powder Manufacturer

Due to substantial business volume and our outdated system, our frontline operations were impacted and there were many human errors present due to manual paperwork and reconciliation work. Another challenge we wanted the new ERP system to address was the lack of clarity and real-time data to make business decisions.

MSC Consulting implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Mobile App Solutions including Field Sales App, Delivery App and Merchandising App to systemize our operations in term of sales, delivery, and merchandising processes. It was a strategy that we thought might not work initially because we were worried about the latency of our employees, however eMOBIQ™ has helped develop a very simplified App for our users and it integrates seamlessly back to our Microsoft Dynamics which greatly improves our operational efficiency and productivity by over 30%.

We’re now able to go paperless, process orders 90% faster, receive real-time data information and enjoy a 40% reduction on invoicing costs! The timely data now brings us useful business insights to make strategic business decisions.

Leading Eggs Manufacturer

With the increasing demand of putting our fresh baked loaves on every shelf in our customer outlets, I am glad to have a simple app designing platform for us to transform our delivery process into a painless yet powerful and unique app that integrates seamlessly back into our backend system; and our customers’ systems. MSC Consulting designed a 3-in-1 Delivery, Exchange and Invoicing App using eMOBIQ™ Mobile App Solutions that improved both supplier and customers transaction time.

Delivery time is reduced, delivery outlet coverage has increased, we are able to cope with customer demand and there are now fewer invoicing disputes with key account holders. The automated invoicing process upon delivery saves us so much by getting rid of the daily cost of printing thousands of invoices! We also see improvements in our customers’ experience and love that there is zero error with data entry. Thank you MSC Consulting for the digital transformation of our systems!

Leading Bread Manufacturer

About Us

Since 2003, MSC Consulting has been known to serve the needs of Asia’s fast growing companies by providing innovative solutions to integrate business management and processes with information technology. Accorded the “Preferred ERP Solutions Provider” for Microsoft Dynamics, MSC Consulting has differentiated themselves from other ERP software providers by proving to be an invaluable partner to companies on a quest for proven effective solutions to increase their productivity, to enhance their employees’ performance, and to ensure the company has a solid and competitive platform for rapid and sustainable growth.

  • Vision

    For every enterprise to be seamless

  • Mission

    Leverage on technology to deliver solutions for growth

  • Values

    Knowledge, Professionalism, Customer-Oriented, Trusted

  • Value Proposition

    Higher Productivity

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. It provides software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems.

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