Property Management

Property Management

Today, there is an ever-changing global marketplace with growing international competition in the property and real estate industry. With Singapore emerging as one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, the property market is heating up and there is a robust demand for both residential as well as commercial spaces. The challenging environment of the Property and real estate industry requires property companies to select the right ERP system that will help them make better business decisions, run their business more efficiently and stay ahead of the competition. We understand the challenges faced by this industry and as such our Property Solution built on trusted Microsoft Dynamics ERP technology is ideally designed to cater to the unique requirements and needs for the residential property and asset management companies, Facilities and Commercial property management companies and Real Estate organizations.


Property Management Solution

MSC Consulting’s Property Solution offers a single, fully integrated ERP system of financials management, property management and maintenance, expense management, property life cycle management, customer relationship management (CRM) for all of your property and financial management needs. It’s help automating manual processes and eliminating duplication of information from one system to the other. Built on trusted Microsoft Dynamics ERP technology, it can empower you with a seamless and differentiating solution to achieve the highest levels of quality, productivity and profitability.

Property Management

Property Management Features

financial-management      Extensive Financial Reporting

project-budget      Budgeting and Forecasting

real-time-info      Real-time information faster than ever before

property_lease      Able to control and manage properties and leases

manage-tasks-for-inspections_maintenance      Able to manage task and resources for inspections
and maintenance


maintenance_heating_water_electricity      Able to control fees for maintenance, heating, water
supply, electricity

adjust-price-with-warnings      Able to adjust price with pre-warnings

follow-up      Easy to follow up on cost, revenue and financials

inventory_warehousing      Able to control and manage inventory and

project-tender      Quick settlements through complete control of
property, contracts, leases and services

Property Management Solution Benefits

complete-business-view      Gain a complete business view

customers      Expand your customer reach

manage-process-for-max-profit      Optimize cash flow

occupancy-level      Maximize occupancy levels

decision-making      Make real-time decisions

financial-compliance      Improve financial compliance



track-profitability      Maintain desired profit

multiple-data      Eliminate multiple data entry

property-expense      Forecast and control property expenses

financial-management      Easy access to financial reporting

minimize-economic-loss      Minimize future economic losses

customers      Increase tenant and stakeholder satisfaction