Project & Job Costing

Project & Job Costing

The challenging environment of the building and construction, engineering industry requires project-based company to select the right ERP system that will help you make better business decisions, run your business more efficiently and stay ahead of the competition.

Project & Job Costing Solution

This powerful solution centralises critical estimate, permit, sales, project management, labour, equipment, overhead cost; subcontract cost and financial information to help you better manage budgets, schedules, field activities, customer relationships and the bottom line. The system can be configured to trigger approval workflow when over spending occurs. With this it allows users to react & control excessive spending promptly rather than only realising cost over-runs at the end of the project.

Project & Job Costing

Project & Job Costing Features

project-tender      Project Tender

project-budget      Project Budget

project-billings      Project Billings

account_finance      Real-time full financial Integration


project-analytics-report      Project Analysis Reports

project-tracking      Project Tracking

Project & Job Costing Benefits

boosts-efficiency_reduce-errors      Boosts operational efficiency and helps reduce
costs and errors

employee-productivity      Empowers employees to increase productivity
with best practices

accurate-real-time-info      Maximises accuracy, minimises risk with better
access to accurate and real-time informations

project-budgets_schedules      Increases control of project budgets and

speedy-communication_collaboration      Speedy communication & collaboration

performance      Gains visibility into performance



streamline-business-processes      Streamlines and automates processes

project-tender      Manages contracts and change orders easily

track-variances      Tracks variances to take control of cost

faster-response-to-opportunities-and-disruptions      Responds quickly to new opportunities or shifts
in the market

customer-service      Enhances customer satisfaction by providing fast,
informed answers to customer questions

business-competition      Differentiates your business from competitors


“With MSC Project Job Costing Solution built on
Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it allows me to react and
control excessive spending promptly rather than
realizing cost over-runs at the end of the project.”
— Ms. Sharon Thng, Financial Controller, Polybuilding (S) Pte Ltd



SME Go Digital – Pre Approved Solution 

Project & Job Costing