Plastic & Precision Engineering

Plastic & Precision Engineering

The challenging environment of the plastic and precision industry requires manufacturers to have a business solution in place to address every aspect of their operations, from formulation and production to packaging and pricing. We understands the challenges faced by your industry and as such MSC Consulting’s Plastic and Precision Engineering Solution built on its trusted Microsoft Dynamic ERP technology provides a single, flexible platform integrating finance, sales, procurement, production, inventory control, warehouse, quality control, order processing and customer service.


Plastic & Precision Engineering

This solution not only helps you to eliminate your production problems including production orders, bills of material, supply planning and capacity requirement planning but also helps you make better business decisions to enhance workflow and production planning so as to become more efficient and effective. Teaming up with MSC will improve your business performance in achieving the highest levels of quality, productivity and profitability.


Plastic & Precision Engineering

Plastic & Precision Engineering Features

planning_scheduling      Dynamic Production Planning & Scheduling

version-management      Version Management

service-management      Tooling Management

shop-floor_barcode      Shop Floor Control with barcode tracking



material-requirement-planning       Material Requirement Planning (MRP) &
Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

quality-control      Quality Control Management

shelf-life      Shelf Life Management

material-management      Material Management

Plastic & Precision Engineering Solution Benefits

self-order-apps      Improves coordination of made-to-order

manage-process-for-max-profit      Manages production and business processes
for maximum profitability

inventory      Enhances production planning and inventory

production-cost      Increases accuracy in production costing

raw-material-traceability      Improves operational excellence and raw
material traceability

shop-floor_barcode      Improves quality control efficiency and shop
floor management


faster-response-to-opportunities-and-disruptions      Faster response to opportunities and disruptions

data-visibility      Increases the visibility of accurate inventory data

warehouse_manufacturing-shop-floor-apps      Improves warehouse efficiency

positive-return-on-investment      Positive return on investment (ROI)

commits-to-orders-accurately      Commits to orders more accurately with available-to-                       promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP) insights



Fong’s Advance Technology Pte Ltd
“Compared to our previous system, it is reliable, easy to use and maintain.”






Univac Precision Engineering Pte Ltd

“With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we now have critical business information at our fingertips to assess risk factors, plan for business continuity and make timely decisions in today’s tumultuous marketplace.”

— Mr. Amos Leong, President & CEO, Univac Group