Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a Customer Relationship Management solution that focusses on Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Clients can access Dynamics CRM via Internet Explorer or by Microsoft Outlook plug-in as one central application to execute multiple tasks.

MSC Specialized Solution build on trusted Microsoft Dynamics CRM can delivers flexible, familiar, and functional solutions that can help you to manage your customers, suppliers, and partners effectively.


Boost your sales with higher close rates
Win more deals with complete control of sales pipeline,
360-degree customer view, lead and opportunity
tracking, streamlined approvals, real-time sales
forecast and report on all phase of the sales cycle.


Enrich customer service interactions 
Deliver superior customer service by empower your
people with tools that simplify case management,
streamline escalations, improve knowledge sharing, and
enable more effective account management, all while
helping to contain service costs.


Improve marketing effectiveness
Maximize marketing spend with flexible segmentation tools,
simplified campaign management capabilities, intuitive
response tracking, and insightful analytics


CRM online
Enabling your organisation with a comprehensive and
affordable Customer relationship management system


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Features

sales      Sales Force Automation

improve-marketing      Marketing

customer-service      Customer Service

social-listening      Social Listening