Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a business management solution that delivers comprehensive business management functionalities—from handling clients’ financials to supply chain management to manufacturing and more. Seamlessly integrating the moving operations of an organization, it gives clients better visibility and control over the entire business processes. Microsoft Dynamics AX is also able to support highly specialized industries with powerful and customized solutions.



Integrate globally, optimize locally
Customize for your local requirements while meeting
enterprise-level needs to consolidate financial and
operational data.


Reduce complexity and simplify compliance
Managing local tax, regulatory, and market
requirements with multisite, multi language, and
multi-currency capabilities.


Scale quickly and deliver industry-specific solutions
Offers solutions that can fit your specific needs and
add new functionality as business requirements change.


Lower total cost of ownership, TCO
Reduced training and familiar, easy-to-use solutions, and
by maximizing your current IT investments with other
Microsoft applications and technologies.



Microsoft Dynamics AX Features

financial-management      Financial Management

manufacturing      Manufacturing

project-accounting      Project Accounting

supply-chain-management      Supply Chain Management

hr-management      Human Resource Management

business-intelligence      Business Intelligence & Reporting





service-management     Service Management

sales_marketing     Sales & Marketing

compliance-management     Compliance Management

collaborative-workspace     Collaborative Workspace

mobility     Mobility