Food Manufacturing


Food Manufacturing

The challenging environment of food industry has led food manufacturers to invest in innovative software solutions to help them better manage their overall operations to achieve better efficiency and profitability.



Food Manufacturing Solution

With MSC Consulting’s extensive domain knowledge and expertise, we have successfully leveraged on technology to deliver solutions that can help you to address the challenges faced by your industry effectively and run your food business more profitably to increase your growth. MSC’s Food Manufacturing Solutions are built on Microsoft Dynamics ERP technology to offer a robust solution in compliance with the standards and requirements of food manufacturing companies.

Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing Features

account_finance      Financial Management

sales      Sales Management

rebate-management      Rebate Management

quality-control      Quality Control Management


warehouse_manufacturing-shop-floor-apps      Warehouse and Logistic Management

planning_scheduling      Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
& Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

Food Manufacturing Solution Benefits

account_finance      Improve your financial management and
corporate governance

decision-making      Real-time information empowers business
decision-making and prediction

visibility_production      Enhances visibility and control of production
processes and inventory valuation

recipe-management      Easily maintain and control recipe

traceability      Improves traceability in item batch tracking,
inventory movement and material wastage



quality-control-efficiency_accurate-costing-info      Increases quality control efficiency and accurate
costing information

faster-response-to-opportunities-and-disruptions      Faster response to opportunities and disruptions

multiple-batches_consumption      Manages multiple batches, package sizes,
production output and consumption

food-safety      Quality audits compliant with the most stringent
food safety standards

warehouse_manufacturing-shop-floor-apps      Warehouse and logistics management to optimise
freight expenses



“We sincerely appreciate your efficiency
in providing best services.”

— Ms. Cassandra Ong, Finance & Admin,
Manager Unicurd Food Company Pte Ltd





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