Enterprise Mobility Solution



Enterprise Mobility Solution


We cater various types of enterprise mobility solution for many industry such as manufacturing, service, warehouse and logistic, retails and etc.

We continue seeking every possibility to simplify your business routine and automate updates of activities to the ERP system to reduce manual effort and save paper.


Rapid customization and deployment
All the enterprise apps can be customized based on your
unique requirement and deploy to any backend
system rapidly.


Suitable for iOS and Andriod devices
Our application can be used by any iOS and Andriod
device offered in current market.


Linked to any backend system
All the apps we created is linked with your backend system
thus it is not required to update your backend ERP or
CRM system.


Go Green Go Paperless
Enabling your organisation with green environment and
reduce paper and printing usage.

Enterprise Mobility Applications    
Sales App

van-sales-apps      Van Sales App

self-order-apps      Self-Ordering App

efficient-ordering      Field Sales App


Warehouse Management Apps

warehouse_manufacturing-shop-floor-apps      Warehouse Receipt

distribution      Stock Transfer

material-management      Stock Take

manage-tasks-for-inspections_maintenance      Pick List

pallet      Container Stuffing



Manufacturing Shop-Floor App

store-management      Shop Floor Control

Other Apps

approval-apps      Purchase Order Approval

project-budget      Cash Collection App

service-management      Service Management App

logistic-management      Logistic Management App

multiple-data      Purchase Order Receive