Distribution and Retail


Distribution and Retail

Retail has evolved into a multichannel experience for today’s informed shoppers – whether it’s in-store, digital, social, or mobile. Faced with educated, digitally empowered consumers, retailers must operate faster and smarter across their organizations to achieve deeper customer loyalty and maintain a competitive edge.


Distribution & Retail Solution

MSC Consulting’s Retail Solution built on the trusted Microsoft Dynamic ERP technology is designed to help retailers integrate their Point-ofsales (POS) systems to the back-end ERP systems, encompassing all key success factors of the business from customer relationship management (CRM) to inventory management, purchasing and merchandising, logistics and supply chain, as well as cash-flow and financial management across individual stores and headquarters.

You will be able to deliver superb service at the point of sale, analyse and identify customer trends and opportunities, maintain accurate, agile control of inventory and purchasing requirements, and expand sales and marketing channels to extend your customer reach.

Distribution and Retail

Distribution and Retail Features

pos-technology      Integrated POS Technology

multichannel-management      Multi-channel Management

store-management      Centralized Store Management

inventory      Inventory Management

powerful-merchandising      Powerful Merchandising


flexible-pricing      Flexible Pricing Management

store-level-integration-headquarters      Store-Level Integration with Headquarters

ecommerce      E-commerce

business-intelligence      Comprehensive Business Intelligence


Distribution and Retail Solution Benefits

streamline-business-processes      Connect your business

efficient-ordering      Help ensure efficient ordering and replenishment

customers      Expand your customer reach

improve-marketing      Market products and services successfully

complete-business-view      Gain a complete business view

lower-tco      Achieve low total cost of ownership (TCO)

decision-making      Make real-time decisions


improve-merchandising      Improve merchandising

customer-service      Drive excellence in customer service

track-profitability      Increase margins and profitability

optimize-labor-cost      Optimize labor costs

visualize-sales-by-time-period      Visualize sales by time periods

comparisons-by-stores      Allow performance comparison by stores



“With the integration of web ordering system, we are able to
get the report faster. We are also in a better position to
monitor inventory balance timely and accurately.”

— Mr. Kenneth Liew, Financial Controller, Bachmann Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd






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