Bonded Warehouse & 3rd Party Logistic

Bonded Warehouse & 3rd Party Logistic

Warehousing activities have been vital to companies in the field of business logistics. The role of the warehouse has become more challenging to manage a warehouse given the demands for shorter lead time to operating at the lowest possible cost. The challenging environment of the warehouse and logistic industry requires 3rd party logistics warehouse provider to select the right ERP system that will help them make better business decisions, run their business more efficiently and stay ahead of the competition. This is also a value-added operational capability and is often featured prominently in their marketing effort to win the confidence of potential customers. 

Bonded Warehouse & 3rd Party Logistic Solution

We understand the challenges faced by this industry and as such our warehouse and logistic Solution built on trusted Microsoft Dynamics ERP technology is ideally designed to cater to the unique requirements and needs for the 3rd party logistics warehouse provider. MSC’s Warehouse and Logistic Solution offers a single, fully integrated ERP system of financials management, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), warehouse management for your entire warehouse and financial management needs. We leverage on technology to deliver a web-based WMS that consolidates and streamlines warehouse processes while improving accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. It’s help maximizing utilisation of storage space and optimising resource utilisation and yet meeting customers’ expectations.

Bonded Warehouse & 3rd Party Logistic

Bonded Warehouse & 3rd Party Logistic Features

account_finance      Financial Management

sales      Sales Management

bin-location-management      Bin Location Management

placement_storage      Placement and Storage

inventory-dimensions      Inventory Dimensions

serial-number      Sales and batch number control

quarantine-management      Quarantine Management



rfid_barcoding      RFID and bar-coding

pallet      Different pallet types

arrival-journals-and-put-away      Arrival journals and put-away

project-analytics-report      Analytics and Reporting

capacity-requirement_planning      Capacity requirements planning

speedy-communication_collaboration      Customer Relationship Management


Bonded Warehouse & 3rd Party Logistic Solution Benefits

real-time-inventory-data      Real-time inventory data

warehouse_manufacturing-shop-floor-apps      Optimize your warehouse layout

inventory-overview      Gain a complete overview of your inventory

warehouse-performance      Improve warehouse performance

inventory-overview      Increase inventory visibility


improve-warehouse-accuracy_efficiency      Improve warehouse accuracy & efficiency

easy-to-use-solution     Increase Customer Satisfaction

streamline-business-processes     Streamline warehouse processes to reduce costs

property-expense      Forecast and control property expenses

data-capture      Simplify and speed up data capture system